Kilkenny to Cape Town

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Leaving Kilkenny the beginning of December 2006, my journey took me quickly through wintry Europe, crossing from Gibraltar to Morocco. Over the snowy Atlas mountains to the Sahara desert, the route continued south down the Atlantic seaboard through Western Sahara, and I spent Christmas day in Nouakchott, Mauritania. From here I headed inland across the very poor desert lands of Mauritania, to Mali. After a hugely satisfying visit there exploring the rich culture, it was on to the more relaxed atmosphere of Burkina Faso and Benin, before diving in to the challenge of Nigeria. Emerging two weeks later with a happy smile on my face from the experience, I turned right, through tropical and mountainous Cameroon, the spectacular rainforest interior of Gabon, and down into the mud and the jungle of The Congo. Coming through into the exclave of Cabinda, it was on then to Angola with its destroyed infrastucture yet great people. It was culture shock crossing into first world Namibia. Passing through its awe-inspiring desert scenery, I crossed the Orange River into South Africa, arriving in Cape Town four and half months after leaving Kilkenny.

Click here to read a detailed account of the journey, with photos.