Extra Pics Middle East


Dome from passage 265L 1 Jerusalem gate 265L 1
A Muslim at his prayers facing the Dome on the Rock

Holy Sepulchre 265L 1 Holy Sepulchre tower 265L 1
Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where Christians believe the death and resurrection of Jesus took place.

WW + Dome 530 1
The Wailing Wall, sacred to Jews, with the Dome on the Rock, sacred to Muslims, behind.

Wailing Wall2 530 1

Rabbi w shadow 265L 1 Rabbi followed 265 1

West Bank

Arafats M 265 1 Palestinian boys 265L 1
Yasser Arafat mausoleum, Ramallah

Liam+ 265L 1 Nablus market 265L 1
Nablus in the West Bank, Palestine. Liam and the Red Crescent volunteer walking through
the vaulted stone alleys of this ancient biblical town, nowadays a centre of resistance against
Israel and under the control of the Fatah organisation.

Nablus Commem 530L 1
Shrine in Nablus

Bwaiyan! 530 1

Coffee roast 530 1
The coffee roaster at work.

Tamarind man 530L 1
These vendors are seen in every town, selling cups of tamarind juice.


Eve Mosque 530 1
The Great Mosque

Special clothes 265L 1
Sign for 'Putting on Special Clothes Room' before
entering the Great Mosque.

Damascus street 265 1 Damascus streetL 265 1

Damascus street2 265 1 Damascus cafe 265 1
Streets of Old Damascus

Slipper stall 530 1

Juice, lamps, Roman column 530L 1
Fresh tamarind juice vendor, below cafe with lamps and mannequins hanging outside,
next to a Roman column.

Kid on bridge 535 1
This little girl was sitting all day on a busy pedestrian bridge selling confectionery.
She is engrossed in her colouring book


Inside msque 530 1

Souq 535 1

Khan inside 265L 1 Khan inside3 265L 1
Inside a khan, or caravanserai, where merchants and their wares would stay
after sometimes lengthy journeys across Asia Minor, Persia or Babylon.

Aleppo tower 300L 1

Citadel 535 1
The Citadel