Pictures from Land of the Pharaohs


Karnak complex 530 1
I had to constantly keep in mind these structures were built 4,000 yrs ago!

Karnak Pillars 265 1 Kathryn pillars 265 1

Karnak gateway 265 1 Simple gateway 265 1

Cartouche 530 1

This is a 'cartouche', an oblong pictogram that identifies a pharaoh. These hyroglyphs are 4,000 yrs old and still hold some of their colour!

Champoleon 530 1

The name Champoleon can be seen graffitied near the top of this column. He was the Frenchman who in the nineteenth century worked out the key to translating the hieroglyphics.

St Antony's Monastery

Desert road to monastery 530 1
Approach to the monastery

St Antony's approach 530 1

The monastery in the desert, fifty kms from the nearest settlement, Zafara, on the Red Sea coast.

6th century church 530 1
The sixth century original church in St Antony's.

Refectory 265 1 Icon 265 1
The refectory with stone table and bench.

Alleyway 265 1 Passage1 265 1

Spring 265 1 Doorway 265 1
The spring that makes it all possible.

Outlook 530 1

Outlook past irrigated palms over desert towards Red Sea.

The Red Pyramid, Dahshur

Red Pyramid 530 1