Pictures from Northern Ethiopia

Tank relic 265 1
An abandoned tank from the war with Eritrea,
or back in the eighties used by the Derg forces against local uprisings.

Eucalyptus timber huts 530 1
Homes near Bahir Dar, typical of many in northern Ethiopia, built with eucalyptus sticks. These are more expensive with tin roofs.

Water from the Blue Nile 200 t1
Collecting water from the Blue Nile.

Monk umbrella 300 1
A monk at one of the Lake Tana monasteries.

Inside Kebre Gabriel 350 t1
Ancient tapestries of biblical scenes, covered for protection with a curtain, inside Kebram Gabriel monastery on Lake Tana.

Returning to Bahir Dar 530 1
These men, pictured about to cross the Blue Nile on the old Portuguese bridge, were on their way home to Bahir Dar after the week long trek to Gondar to have their teff ground.

Hailie Selassie mural 530 1
Street mural in Gondar of the Emperor Hailie Sellasie, deposed and killed by the Derg dictatorship in 1974. Despite presiding over a feudal system of government, he is still revered by many as a symbol of Ethiopian identity .

Gondar castles2 265 1 Gondar castles1 265 1
Gondar castles

Gondar building 265 1
Gondar building, on the way to the market.

Market woman 250 t1 Kathryn market 265 t1
Kathryn shopping for provisions before leaving Gondar.

Debark mosque eve 530 1
Mosque in the northern Ethiopian town of Debark.

Debark mkt 530 1
Debark market

Goat in doorway 200 t1 Asleep on the job 265 t1
Debark street scenes.

Debark market stall 265 1
Market stall, Debark

The Simien Mountains

Muleteers 265 t1 Geech village 265 t1

Muleteers and Scouts 530 1
Outside Geech village. Scouts and muleteers after the days exertions. The sun is about to go down and it is now beginning to get COLD.

Blue hat Simien pose 530 1

Scenic 265 t1 Scenic, scout, Kathryn 265 t1

Spectacular bench 265 t1 Simien gate 265 t1
That spectacular seat, at the end of the promontory.

River, me 265 t1 Tree, me 265 1

Simien gurriers 530 1
Simien Mountain gurriers! They were goatherds, skipping up steep slopes after their flocks, inclines that, that at any altitude let alone 4,000m would take us ages to slowly plod up. They had a few words of English (some schooling), enough to try and sell us things, anything - their hats, sticks, whip, slingshot...

Simien wide-boy 300 tt1
This wide-boy wanted a photo on his own. They knew enough English to demand money for the photos, but quickly forgot when I showed the pictures to them.

Gelada at bush2 265 1 Gelada & Kathryn 265 1

Gelada at bush 265 t1 Geladas on the move 265 1
Gelada, or 'Bleeding Heart', baboons.

Ethiopian elder on horseback 530 1
On the road back to Debark.

Me, muleteer, scout-Debark 530 1
A well deserved Pepsi back in Debark with the muleteer and scout.

Bringing the cattle in 530 1

The village of Geech in the Simien Mountains, bringing in the cattle every evening.


The day before Ethiopian Easter at Debre Berham Selassie church, outside of Gondar.

Debre Berham Selassie Church 530 1

Inside Debre Berham Selassie 265 t1 Reading,Debre Berham Selassie 265 t1
All day there were readings, chanting and music. Inside, the congregation were participating
in a fairly casual, though also obviously devout, way.

Old man in white 265 t1 Church attendee 265 t1

Priest reading outside 265 1 Reading outside Debre Berham 265 1

Woman praying with Jesus 530 1

Young ones prostrating 265 t1 Woman chatting in church 265 1
Outside on the grass, under some shade form the surrounding trees, the congregation either did their own prayers, or reflection, some chatted, others were doing prostrations. When the incantations were broadcast from loudspeakers all would follow with a chant.

Roof Debre Berham Selassie church 530 1